The reason behind: Art Imitates Life

Hello and thank you to everyone who have supported me thus far in my purpose! I am still excited about this step and have been working diligently on the next phases.

Well, let's get into the story behind, "Art Imitates Life."

In the Beginning

Before I ventured to Louisiana, where I had no family or friends, I came across a poetry slam that the Arkansas Art Center was hosting. I have never done spoken word let alone a poetry slam, but I was intrigued and so I did it. To say I was fully confident and thought I was going to blow everyone out the water and win, uh would have been an over zealous dream, that I kind of had lol. Apart of me though, knew that it was probably a little far fetch, but hey nothing is wrong with dreaming right?

Long story short

I didn’t win, not even close but I did it with nervousness, confidence, and with a style of completely forgetting my next line but finding my way back and finishing. Fast forward, that same month I packed up all my things and memories of Arkansas and headed for Louisiana...cue J.Cole’s, A dollar and a dream.


The poetry from "Art Imitates Life," were inspired by art pieces from the Arkansas Art Center. I originally added the poems as a chapter in another book, but changed my mind and instead created a chapbook for the collection to stand alone. I’m glad I decided to go along with it because this chapter seem to hit home now more than ever.

Art Imitates Life

In the book, I talk about traveling alone, doubt, and loss which are things we all have or will go through in our life cycle. I look at it as a collective of healing in poetry and picture form. On the back of my book cover, I stated that even though the poems were inspired by the paintings in Arkansas, I soon realized that they were reflections of our human experiences. Our art that we manifest into the world are like stories in different forms telling multitude of stories. Art doesn't just tell one story because life isn't one sided. Our life is woven into many lives and I believe this is why I felt a pull to make, "Art imitates Life," into a beautiful complex story, on its own.