The First Time

So, my first entry is about my first time...blogging! Since middle school, I've been writing in my diaries and journals about my feelings and anything that was going on in my life. Well I feel that has led me to become a blogger. It's funny, because I've always been an introvert who have always kept things and feelings to myself. I was always trying to figure things out on my own, which has it's own perks in a way. Blogging is the total opposite of my introverted past. Even though I'm embarking and opening this path up, I still consider myself as an introvert. So how did an introvert come up with a crazy idea to blog or to even consider a website for that matter?

Well let me tell ya. Depression had me down during and after my pregnancy from 2015-2016. I felt a strong spiritual disconnection within myself and with my creator. I didn't understand it and couldn't figure out what was going on with me. During this time it was so hard for me to write, which I knew something was really wrong, if I couldn't even write two sentences down on paper. Since I couldn't write I began to doodle and then words finally started to formulate onto paper. I was able to journal what I was feeling and started the process of detoxing things out my life.

I was ready to transcend out of my mess and into joy, but first I had to figure out the stressors that were blocking me. I started to speak up more, figured out my truths for the moment and worked on grounding myself in my truth, and started understanding/listening to what my holistic being was saying to me. I made myself uncomfortable by creating my Instagram account @ready2transcend. It's based on my journey of holistic health and my day to day life. I was nervous about it and debated with myself on if I should really do it. Not only did I start it, I made it public for anyone to take a look. Now to most, having a public social media page is no biggie, but to me it was a huge milestone in stepping outside of the norm for me.

I'm skeptical of all social media sites and having private information shared to the public, but I did it! That idea birthed the idea of blogging, which eventually birthed the idea of a website. Sooo, this is all new and my very first time on this shared testimonial journey.

Check me out on insta @ready2transcend and twitter @LyTheCreative

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