Random poetry of love

Photographed by Ashley Lorraine


I knew you before knowing you

I dreamed of you before laying my eyes on you

I knew a girl would be born to me, before I even met your father

A blessing you are to me, that I hold dear to my soul

I pray over you knowing that God and your ancestors will protect you

You are my child and I have a responsibility

to nurture you into who YOU decide to be

it scares me knowing that I birthed you into a world

that tries to take your magic away...but you are LOVED

You have a PURPOSE dear child and I am here to guide you

Photographed by Ashley Lorraine


You are a magical black baby

You knew who you were when you came out the womb

We met spiritually somewhere in another time, on another vibration

I dreamed of you and you dreamed of me

Welcome, to life on earth

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