Quarantine And Chill...or NOT

On March 1, 2020, I embarked on a journey back home. I never thought I would come back, but once my aunt passed in 2014, I’ve had a strong sense of urgency to get back to this place. When I began to draft a 2016 plan to move back, my life took a different route. I embarked on a new journey of motherhood. The ins and outs, learning and relearning within 2016 was on another level of understanding for me and moving back was only a fond memory, at that point. Fast Forward to 2019, another close aunt passed, I just couldn't take it any longer, and things personally have been unraveling, so by December 2019 I decided to leave the place I fell in love with for the the place I thought I would never go back to.

March 2020, I was able to move into my place right before the chaos began to happen in Louisiana and right before the first case in Arkansas was known. I envisioned these first couple of months to go totally different with work, school, and unfinished projects, but the virus threw everything out of wack. I was stressed at first because there were things I really wanted to get started on and some things I wanted to complete but couldn't.

You know the saying, "be careful what you wish for because you might just get it?" Well I had wished to just have time to slow down, relax, figure things out, instead of being on autopilot so much. I got my wish and I had to adjust to it...fast. A lot of writing, thinking, and inner work was happening, which was much needed. To be honest I'm not sure I would have given myself the chance to really relax if I didn't have so much downtime. I'm happy I've been able to, but after all, this is a quarantine due to the Coronavirus.

Having a job secured right before leaving Louisiana was amazing but as the virus rapidly grew, my job closed before we started (that hit hard when having a child to take care of). I've been working since 16 years old, so not having a job felt strange. At that point my anxiety sky rocketed, but by May it had subsided.

I've also started back on gardening which has been so peaceful and therapeutic. Every rising we go out and talk to our plants and the atmosphere feels so loving and I look forward to it. I believe the energy that I was giving to my anxiety, I'm now giving it to the garden. During this quarantine, we should do what we feel our body, mind, and soul needs at this time. Rather it's planting, being with love ones, resting, eating healthy, exercising, reading, writing, learning, whatever it is do it. Find something worth holding on to during this Pandemic, to endure these hard times.

Sending love, light, and wellness to everyone!

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