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I thought the first thing that I needed to accomplish, in order to become successful, was to get out of debt before doing anything else. What I've learned was that I should focus on a business idea to build income, that would eventually pay debts off. I had it backwards and kept putting things on hold and then became discouraged on my plans.

Before the discouragement, I was planning on a nonprofit and a profitable business. I've been in and out on developing the plans for both, but I‘m steadily getting out of the funk and getting things moving again. Through the adversaries, something in me keeps telling me to write, to continue having faith, to listen, and to observe what the universe is putting in place for me.

The universe is moving and shifting as I move and shift. What I’ve learned is that, just because I know part of my purpose and my path is becoming clearer, doesn't mean it will be easy. Each goal I reach, I'll have obstacles to tackle.

This life thing can be hard, and somehow we have to organize, breathe, and find our flow through it all. Finding our flow in life is the key, to our achievement and success. So let’s break our generational curses and build family legacies.

Let's walk with purpose!

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