Humanistic Value

Sometimes I sit back and just think of how much, I really do hate our human ways. Hate is such a strong word, but that’s how strongly I feel on how we hate on one another, diss/gossip about one another, and how our emotions can sometimes get the best of us.

More and more I‘m wanting to transcend higher on some deep enlightenment, where I can break free of the human programming and walk on earth with my soul in control.

What if we all were able to connect soulfully and really take each other’s whole being in consideration, with love.

I'm guilty of fallen prey of letting my emotions dictate the rest of my day or how I feel towards someone, but I’m tired of not being in control.

I do believe the human experience is needed to understand and achieve a level of physical human knowledge but that gets lost in transition a lot. Maybe I’m tired of the loss of the humanistic value for one another.

We have become so desensitized to one another that we are so quick to judge or dislike someone because of someone’s appearance or the amount of materialistic value a person has. Even when a person is struggling mentally or physically, they are judged without folks taking the time or having the time to figure out that person's truth.

I wonder what it could feel like to break away from constraints and mental shackles we were conditioned with and live our full soul potential.

If we were truly able to live out our full soul potential, what then would the world be like, but most importantly what would WE be like?

Seek the value in being humane!

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