For The Love of Shea!

To know me is to know the love I have for my dear aunt... My aunt who was like a 2nd mother to me, introduced Shea Butter to me. Back then it was one of those things that you listened to and threw it in the back of your mind and it surprisingly showed back up in your life. When I was living with my aunt, she came home excited about using something that she got from someone on the side of the road. On the side of the road, from some random person... I was skeptical. She began to use it and loved it. I would walk pass it until one day I tried it. I liked it but it was hard to rub into my dry, rough skin, so I avoided it because of the hassle. Fast forward to a couple of years to 2013, my first year in New Orleans. I went to my first silent auction at First Grace Methodist and won a pampering gift set with a container guessed it, Shea Butter! At this point I have already began to experiment and became familiar with carrier oils and essential oils because of my dry skin (store bought lotion never worked for me and I gave up on it completely).

I had the Shea Butter for awhile because I knew the hassle and I continued with using coconut oil, but it dried up fast on my skin. One day I decided to mix coconut oil with the Shea Butter and you know what I haven’t looked back since. 2013 is when I came up with the basic formula, but I really became focused driven once my daughter was born and was diagnosed with eczema. When her dermatologist asked what I was putting on her skin, I told him the ingredients and how many times a day I would apply the mixture. He excitedly told me to keep doing what I was naturally already doing.

Since 2013 to 2020 I have been reading, writing, watching, and listening to the benefits of Shea Butter, essential oils, and carrier oils and I’m still perfecting my ingredients but now I’m ready to share with more people than just my close family. I’m ready to step out the shadows and more into the light. I’m ready to do more of what I love and enjoy every moment.

I thank God for using the universe to put in place, what I needed to know in the future. I thank God for my aunt, Laquita Renee Flowers-Radford for introducing me to Shea Butter. I thank God for the strength of her love and protection for me. I honor her, through my business, Renee's Love. Every time I make my body butter, it feels me up with so much love and happiness. Intentions are powerful and my intent is pure from the start to end of every finished product. I hope that with every filled jar, the love can be felt.

Because of LaQuita Renee, ALYshia Renee is here to pass the torch! Be apart of this journey and feel the love from Renee's Love Body Butter.

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