Can we really live out our full potential?

What does it really mean to live in your full potential?

Well for starters, I’m not living in my full potential. There are still areas I need to grow in and things I need to continue to heal from, in order to elevate to the next phase. Why, because my life need room for some deep manifestation to occur.

Maybe trying to live out my “full” potential isn’t really the goal. “Full” to me, seems to carry a stopping point, but life for me is a continuing circle. So I sat and thought about it...will I live out as much potential in this lifetime? Yes! Then again what is potential and who makes the rules for what that actually is?

Google and meditation time...

Basically, potential is the ability to develop into something in the future. Very broad which leaves it open for anything and everything but we tend to stress ourselves to fit a very invisible linear construct. We force ourselves to live out what we think we need to be in order to please the majority or try to force others into what we think they should be. My standards for myself will be flexible and flow with time (accountability will always be in the mix though).

I’m going to look at living my full potential as living out my life potential. By living each day to the very last moment of my life (which can be me lounging around the house, sleeping, eating, and reading lol). It’ll be what makes me happy for that exact moment in time, unapologetically with joy in my heart!

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