And so it shall be

In July I published my first poetry book through Amazon. It was an experience turning my poems into an ebook and paperback book. I learned as I went through it all and got frustrated at times trying to figure it out.

Publishing, blogging, creating links, and developing a website are all new to me but the process has been exciting. I kind of evolved from an introverted writer who carried around paper and pen, into this blossoming soul who is willing and wanting strangers and loved ones to read my thoughts.

I am so happy I finally got out of my way in order to head on my purpose driven path. Have you ever had that feeling that everything that you have been passionate about somehow have aligned themselves together out of nowhere?

For me, I think that “nowhere” was just time steadying itself to fuse the things that were needed for the future and ultimately manifesting when it was “time”.

Things have been difficult though, for instance finding time between working, momma duties, and keeping a house together. There were plenty of “coffee wasted“ times this year. There were also times I thought my body was immune to coffee and it wasn’t working, so I had to push through being exhausted.

Call me crazy, but I love writing and will continue to find ways to write, rather it be for a blog or for personal purposes, it’s apart of me... it’s apart of my holistic self care journey.

Accountability is important and so here is my list that is ever changing.

My to do list

write more blogs

organize ten interviews

submit documentation for my organization

Network and enjoy events in the city

Check me out on instagram @ready2transcend and twitter @LyTheCreative

Check out and purchase my first published poetry book,"Art Imitates Life," which has beautiful photography, by Chris Leaux. Check her out on instagram @chris.leaux

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