A short story: "It's better to turn back then to get lost completely"

There once was a man name Carlos. He had a great job, nice apartment, loving girlfriend, and dreams to get his Master's. He was living the life and nothing could stop him or so he thought. One day things seem to change. He received letters from the universities he applied to and each one seem to be a rejection letter. It seemed as if no one wanted him and he started to believe that he wasn't good enough. His job then laid him off, but he still kept his head up. He asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him and she broke up with him.

He couldn't find a job and he didn't know how he would pay next months bills. Through all his turmoil, his mother tried calling him, but he didn't want to answer. He just couldn't get on the phone, when his life seem to be spiraling out of control. He stopped going out with friends and began to stay in, isolating himself from the outside world. He fell into depression and hardly ate.

One night he finally decided to answer the phone and it was his mother. She could hear it in his voice that something wasn't right. He tried to mask his pain so that his mother wouldn't worry, but she just knew something was not right with her son. She didn't argue, debate, or let him know that she knew something was up. She simply said, come home. He tried making an excuse, but his mother said it again, in a stern voice, "come home tomorrow and that's it."

He listened and went home. He eventually told her everything that was going on with him. When he finished he had sunken into the couch, closed his eyes, and began to rub his forehead. His mom, gave him his favorite meal, while listening to anything else he had to say without interrupting. She got up and walked into the kitchen and came back with an opened envelope in her hand. She proceeded with handing him the envelope and inside was an acceptance letter to a Master's program along with a scholarship.

She then persuaded him to call back missed calls and what do you know, he had two job offers. He smiled, she walked back towards the kitchen and turned around to say, "son sometimes it's better to turn back then to get lost completely."

Side note:

I wrote a version of this story while in high school, during Drama class (my favorite class of all time). In class we were given moral statements and had to create a short story around it. I loved my drama class and my teacher Ms. Thorns. Til this day I wish that I could go back to her class from time to time.

Now the statement, "It's better to turn back then to get lost completely," to me means, that we have a home, if not physical, an inner home. When things are going haywire, chaotic, and all out of wack, we need rooted stability. We need to know how to get back to it when we are losing our minds, faith, and financial stability. I have had times when I felt that things were going down hill super fast and felt that I was right on the edge of completely losing my mind, but something (creator, god, goddess, universe, ancestors) pulled me back to my inner peace. I'm not always peaceful, joyful, and loving, but I find my way back to it.

Find your "something" and get back to your inner and outer peace!

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