GiftofGabz, LLC


Gabrielle Ohaya (interviewee Left) and Chantee Shackelford (right)

Who are you without defining yourself by the roles you play in life?

I am a free spirited nerd!

Name of business?

GiftofGabz, LLC

What type of work do you all do?

We make customized gift sets and handmade, natural bath and body products and home goods (i.e. candles, jewelry, lotions, soaps, body scrubs)

When did you all start?

We have dabbled in crafting for a while but we began the business a year and half ago.

What led you all to start?

We have been best friends since childhood and both reached a point at the same time where we both realized we are meant to be doing more than just working for others and without passion for what we do. We both enjoy creating and Chantee has awesome people/customer service skills so we decided it was time to build something that we love and enjoy while allowing us to take care of our families.

Is your community benefiting from your work?

Naturally anything we do will benefit our communities because we are community oriented people. We love giving back and uplifting others. We adore children especially and have plans to educate them on crafting.

What challenges have you all came across before, during, and after starting your business?

To me, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining the focus and motivation. Life is generally tumultuous and knocks everyone down every so often. In business it's imperative to fight through the storm and we have been experiencing it constantly and growing from it.