Mission Reconcile

*In person interview*


Kahlida Nicole Lloyd

Who are you without defining yourself by the roles you play in life?

Believer, visionary, and a voice


Mission Reconcile

Work your organization/non-profit does:

Faith based, racial reconciliation


We are created to bring together predominantly one race and one culture churches. We are focusing on predominantly one race churches and motivating them to talk about race, racism and creating organic relationships and we do this by facilitating events.

When did you start:

Officially October 2017

What led you to start:

Faith is a very big part of who I am. I believe that faith has the power to do awesome things in people's lives. I'm an attorney by profession and so I had an opportunity to represent people and had cases where I could see the injustice and how it kind of played out. I began to look at when the Black lives matter movement was emerging and all those different things that were happening and I was like what is the church doing about what is going on in our world and the root of racism? I didn't feel the church was doing anything, I felt the church was being silent. I felt like it wasn't talking about it and that rubbed me the wrong way. I know the power of faith and I know that if people start to talk about it, pray about it, and be about it, things could begin to shift.

In another spiritual sense, some years ago I was living in St Thomas Virgin Islands and God spoke to me and said, "you're going to bring people together based on race," and I was like I don't know about that. I grew up in Miami and both families are from the Caribbean and I just felt like I was in diverse spaces and I didn't have a perspective on what that would look like and how I would be the person to do that.

But I kept it in my rolodex of thoughts and when I moved to D.C I was introduced to the concept of racial reconciliation. It was a concept I've never heard before and I began to learn more about this concept, of coming together on the division of race. Some people tell me, "How can we reconcile if we were never together?" And to answer that with another concept from a faith christian perspective, we were together when we were in the garden

(Adam and Eve), that was God's ideal situation, but sin, which is racism in this case, came into the picture and so a strong need of racial reconciliation came about.

My prayers is that I can reach as many leaders and pastors with this message, to really invoke change.

Did you have anything like this while growing up?

No, but I went to a lot of black churches and white churches that were progressive. There were a lot of organizations focused on anti-racism work, but there was no one focused on the churches.

What challenges you've came across while trying to start your organization from ground up (what kept you going)?

Figuring out what I was trying to do. I'm a visionary and I see the big picture and I see what to do but then there are little steps in between on how to get there, so that was a challenging time. I really had to become "one" with my idea and I ended up not having a job, but I was provided for so it was fine, but it was sacrificial. I wasn't earning the money that I was use too but as a result I dedicated time to really figure out what I wanted to do, to get to this goal.

That's how I came up with the 3 part reconciliation program, which is how we bring the churches together, plant the seeds, and give them the resources to continue to have conversations.